PlayerWarps-API 6.17.3 API

Player Warps, developed by Olzie Development.

This documentation is for developing addons/plugins and is not granted to contain all plugin methods & features seen in the plugin also may not contain pre-released code either.

If you wish for features/methods to be added to the API then you may request them, but they may not be added to the API.

Note: While using the API, you're expected to understand basic Java knowledge as this documentation does not cover developing a plugin, contributing code back to the project or setting it up.

  • Deprecation, make sure not to use deprecated methods because either they're not supported anymore, broken or may be removed in a feature release.
All the generalized objects within the API.
All warp event objects that are triggered within the plugin.
All warp events that are triggered on an update.
All expansion based objects that expose methods for external plugins to hook into.
All player based objects that handles and manages data.
All warp based objects that handles and manages data.
All command based objects that handles and manages sub-commands.